Tahiti Tourisme appoints Circul8 as lead creative agency


Sydney agency, Circul8, has been appointed as lead creative agency for Tahiti Tourisme.

The incumbent agency, California-based Mering (formerly MeringCarson), held the account for five years.

The Circul8 and Tahiti Tourisme team

The agency will begin work on all global brand campaigns for the islands of Tahiti, with the objective of highlighting the offering of lesser-known islands.


The remit of Tahiti Toursime covers the entirety of French Polynesia.

Tahiti Tourisme chief marketing officer, Vaihere Lissant, said that Circul8 was selected for its track record with tourism marketing.

“Circul8 was chosen over a host of highly-regarded international agencies for their strong strategic brand direction, and their impressive track record in tourism marketing. Circul8 demonstrated a great understanding of our challenges and produced creative that really resonated with us,” Lissant said.

Circul8 founder and managing director, Alana Stocks, said: “We’re thrilled to have been selected to lead the global creative for such a unique destination, and we’ve just returned from a multi-island immersion trip that involved meeting stakeholders – and that confirmed what a beautiful destination The Islands of Tahiti is, with so much to offer. While maintaining a sense of seclusion, travellers are rewarded with a rich cultural experience in an untouched paradise.”

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with the Tahiti Tourisme team and we’re looking forward to leading the brand and destination into the new decade in a modern, authentic way.”

Minister of Tourism, Nicole Bouteau, thanked Mering for the work they did on the account.

“Tahiti Tourisme and MeringCarson have done a great job in repositioning our global campaign, aligning it to our Tourism Development Strategy: focusing on our authentic culture, preserved environment, diversity and people,” said Bouteau.

“Circul8’s proposal correlates with our work on our next tourism development strategy “Fāri’ira’a Manihini 2025”. It is an evolution of the “ The Islands of Tahiti, Embraced by Mana”campaign. Moreover, we can learn from the successful experiences of the agency with DMO’s from the region.”

The new global campaign will launch in 2021

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